Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates on our little Man!

We have noticed over the last few weeks that Joshua seems to be more and more frustrated with his lack of mobility. Sure he can crawl, but he is 19 months old and he wants to stand up and run, play outside, keep up with his sister, and access all of his toys. Our therapist has been urging us to consider a wheelchair, but, frankly, we were just terrified of the costs associated with it. Our insurance will only pay $10,000 for Durable Medical Equipment for the LIFETIME of the policy. Yes, that's right! As long as we have this health insurance plan the max they will ever pay for equipment is $10,000. Ridiculous! Durable Medical Equipment includes wheelchairs, bracing, walkers, crutches, catheters (which we use on a daily basis) and any other potential equipment he may need. We talked to our therapist and found out that the cost of ONE PEDIATRIC WHEELCHAIR is nearly $7,000! Holy cow! And our insurance only covers 80% leaving us stuck with one heck of a bill. So we knew that if we went forward with a wheelchair at this time it would leave us little to no insurance coverage for any other future equipment he may need. We tried applying for a program for institutional deeming in which they look at Joshua's income alone (he makes zero) when considering him for Medi-cal insurance due to his disability but, of course, we were denied!

So our solution: The ZIPZAC chair. Check it out at The greatest invention I've seen to day and created by a family of a child with Spina Bifida.This chair should arrive in two weeks and will be absolutely perfect for out little man. Thank you to both sets of grandparents for helping us with the cost.. we really appreciate it!

So that was last week that we decided to go forward with the Zip Zac chair. Then on Sunday we noticed that Joshua's eyes were starting to get very oozy. We took him to the pediatrician and sure enough- Eye Infection. At the same time we noticed that his little boy area on the right side was looking very swollen. I knew instantly that it was a hernia because he had the exact same thing on his left side a yr ago December. On Wednesday we took him in to see the Urologist and he confirmed that it is in fact another hernia and that he will need another surgery. So surgery #5 is booked for February 23rd. We got through 2011 without any surgeries, but I guess 2012 is another story. Hopefully this will be his one and only this year.

As we near the end of this week, both kids and mom are sick with fevers, sore throats, cough and just all around feeling yucky. Hoping next week is a little smoother.

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  1. I just wanted to share a grant program with you, we received a grant a few years ago when we were in the process of buying Caleb's first wheelchair. The grant gave us $5000 towards the cost of the chair! It was awesome. Thought you might be interested :)

    Can't wait to see the ZipZac, those are sooo cool.