Friday, January 13, 2012

A little boy named Tripp Roth enter my life about a year ago by means of a blog and has forever changed me and brought new meaning to my life. And as this little boy in Ponchatoula, LA lays in his mother’s arms during what seems to be one of the last few weeks of his life, I learned this week just what a change he has brought to me.

I took Joshua to see his neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Muhonen, this week and he asked us how we were doing. He told me how “great” Joshua looked and I told him just how fortunate we were. How blessed and how lucky we were to have Joshua in our life and how amazing he is and what joy he has brought to our family. Dr. Muhonen said to me “how great it is to hear a mom of a child with special needs call herself fortunate”. I thought about that afterwards and how different I felt over a year ago. I didn’t feel fortunate back then, I felt sorry for myself and my son. I felt like I let him down by giving birth to him with this debilitating condition. But see, then I learned of Tripp Roth and I began following his story and I realized that I had nothing to feel sorry about.

Tripp Roth is an inspiration and his life, though it will be cut short, has served so many amazing purpose. In my life, it has taught me to be happy with what you have and appreciate the many blessings that God has given you, despite how little you feel those blessings may be. I may have a son with Spina Bifida, but I have a beautiful smiling little boy who will get to enjoy birthdays, and vacations, and go to the park. He will at some point see the ocean, and go to school with friends. He may not walk or run along side of them but he will laugh and joke with them.

Little Tripp Roth cannot see, he cannot laugh, he is unable to look at his mom and tell her he loves her, although Lord knows he loves her more than one can imagine. He cannot stand up and play with his toys, he cannot go outside and appreciate the beauty that is all around us.

Each day, I read on facebook, people talking about about their lives. People get upset because their spouse didn’t pick up the phone, or because they lost a pet (that was me not too long ago), or people stress about financial problems. I know these things are hard, but I would just hope that by knowing a little bit about a little boy named Tripp and the struggles he and his family have had to endure, that it will bring a little comfort to one in times of sadness or stress. Each time I began to feel down about something I think about this little boy and all that he has taught me. I am just thankful to have what I have and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you, Courtney Roth, for sharing Tripp’s story as a gift to the entire world. I know that through your sadness and your little boy’s suffering you are giving the greatest gift of all… you are changing lives everywhere!

Tripp will be in my heart always!

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  1. I too found Courtney's blog a few months ago and Tripp has also changed my life. Struggling back from deep depression, I would often play the many videos on Courtney's blog and my depression would get better each day. My heart is heavy today with Tripp's death, but he is in pain no more and waits joyfully to be reunited some day with his angel mother.