Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Son, My Hero!

I have to admit that I've been feeling a little down lately. Life gets difficult; money gets tight; it feels like it's one thing after another with no breaks in between. It's tough being a mom to a special needs child and having days, weeks, or even months where you feel sad, defeated, and feel like your life is never going to be yours again. Why? Because some days, some weeks aneven some months, your life doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the Urologist. It belongs to the Neurosurgeon. It belongs to the cathing..and to medications... and to physical therapy....and to paying hospital bills....and to fighting with the insurance company.... and to infections. Those times are difficult for me. They'd be difficult for anyone.

But lucky for me, I have a son who is smarter than his mom (I couldn't ask for anything more). Because on days like today, my son shows me just how great life truly is. Simple things, small things, but miraculous things happen.

Today at physical therapy Joshua rolled over, on his own, for the very first time. He doesn't have any feeling in his feet, he doesn't have any feeling in his calves and he doesn't have any feeling in his glutes, yet somehow he found the strength to roll over. He didn't stand, he didn't walk, and he didn't run...but he did something so very special. He found the strength that he didn't know he had, he put his mind to something, and he rolled over!

Some day, I'll ask him how he did this. I'm sure he'll reply "because I love you mommy!" and "I love you too, Joshie!"

My son is my hero. Because he doesn't let anything get him down. The sky is the limit for my little man!