Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surgery Update...

I should have posted this a week ago but with the upcoming Holiday we have been very busy. Joshua had his hernia surgery on December 10th and did fabulous! Surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, lasted an hour, and we were home by 11am. He had a very quick recovery and only required infants tylenol for pain management. We feel great having surgery #4 behind us. I would say "I hope this is the last one" but realistically, I know that is probably not true. But what I am glad about is how well he did and how wonderful his surgeons are.

Here are some photos from this surgery...

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And the update on Abigail is pretty exciting. We are working on potty training using a reward system. Abby is very aware that if she does potty in the toilet she gets a piece of special candy. We had a great day today and Abby went potty three times. It's hard when we have to go to work tomorrow, but we will pick back up where we left off on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

VCUG and updates

Yesterday, Joshua had a VCUG (video urodynamics) performed to see how his bladder and kidneys were functioning. A VCUG is a test where they place a catheter in his boy area and fill his bladder with fluid to see what happens and check the pressure. They monitor the bladder functions through x-ray and are able to see on a live screen what happens with the fluid. What we found out was what we expected to find...Joshua has kidney reflux which means that when his bladder gets full, the pressure is strong enough that some of his urine backs up the ureter and enters the kidney.

Kidney Reflux is scary because if the urine becomes infected (which is quite common since we cath him 4 times per day) then the infected urine can enter the kidney and cause a Kidney infection. The solution to this? For now, doctors are placing him on a prophylactic antibiotic to minimize his chance of getting an infection. He will take this antibiotic twice per day, every day until we are told otherwise.

We also found that because of the pressure in his bladder he has also developed trabeculation, which is thickening of the bladder wall. We have been told that with proper maintenance and pro activeness we may be able to reverse the damage. The plan is to start leaving a cath in over night so his bladder can drain for an extended period of time and will be relieved of pressure. We hope this work so we can avoid any other surgeries.

The last update is that Joshua will be undergoing another surgery tomorrow morning. This one is a story in itself. ...

A few weeks ago, Joshua became ill and developed a fever. We brought him home from the babysitters and notice he had some swelling to his boy area. We were instructed by his Urologist to take him immediately to the ER. (Joshua, please don't get mad at me later for putting this in the blog!) The ER doctors confirmed he had a Urinary Tract Infection and thru ultrasound identified the swelling as a result of a communicated hydrocele. A communicated hydrocele occurs when a pathway between the abdomen and scrotum is open instead of being closed as it should be and thus fluid from the abdomen enters the scrotum causing it to swell. The risk is that the intestines can travel down the opening and become twisted which can cause a bowel obstruction (not a good thing). So, rather than waiting for something serious to happen, the Urologist will do surgery tomorrow morning to repair the inguinal hernia and close the opening. This will be an outpatient procedure and we are hopeful that Joshua will recover quickly.

I should add that today is Joshua's 6 month Birthday and he is doing fabulous (even with the above urological issues). He is doing great in physical and occupational therapy and he is getting close to sitting up on his own. He can roll onto his sides, we feed him solids three times per day and he loves to EAT. He's even got a couple a teeth coming in on the bottom and hasn't put up a fuss. He can grab a toy and bring it to his mouth and he is quite a chatter box (like his mommy). We are just having a blast with our little man and can't wait to watch him develop more.

The photo below was taken today....

And here is one of his Daddy at the same age....

I believe the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" comes to play you can see, he doesn't really look like Daddy which means he MUST look like Mommy!! haha Finally- since Abby is Daddy's twin!