Thursday, August 26, 2010

Abby's sweet "terrible" twos

Abby is great at helping out when needed. I can ask her to get Joshua a blanket or pacifier and she is happy to run the errand. But, seeing as how this blog also serves as a sort of baby book for the two little ones in our life, I feel it is also important to comment on the "terrible-two" things she she can look back later on and laugh (or apologize).

Terrible two item #1: At least once a day she likes to help out by giving the dogs their food. Now if I'm not watching carefully she will get into the dog food and poor it into their water dish. I think she feels it will be enjoyed more if soggy.

Terrible two item #2: She also likes to get into her adjoining bathroom and play with the toilet paper (down the toilet). I caught her this morning using the toilet cleaning brush on the bathroom sink (yuck).

Terrible two item #3: We recently ordered a sparkletts water dispenser and Abby quickly learned how to work the water valve. She likes to fill up her toy tea cups and drink from them, or poor the water onto her bedroom floor. I walked into the dining area one afternoon to find the area near our table flooded.

Terrible two item #4: She LOVES getting into my makeup and using our toothbrushes. Sometimes she likes to clean with them.

Terrible two item #5: Abby enjoys taking a drink from her sippy cup and spitting the contents back out onto the floor or into a nearby cup.

A photo of terrible two item #4

More still to come.....this little girl sure does keep life interesting. We couldn't imagine life without her and Joshua!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cathing update

I just realized I never updated the blog with our cathing experiencing. I am pleased to say that Doug and I are cathing pros at this point. We cath Joshua 4 times per day with ease. It is definitely something that has grown on us and now defines our new "normal".

Joshua is taking amoxicillin twice per day as a preventative measure to ensure he does not develop a UTI (urinary tract infection). He also takes a medication called Ditropan which relaxes his bladder muscle so it doesn't contract. The Ditropan probably aids in our success with getting him to sleep well since it makes him pretty drowsy. All in all, cathing isn't half as bad as we thought it would be.


Abby loves being outdoors during the day so we are so lucky to now have a backyard! One of her favorite outdoor activities is to play with the dirt in our palms. What a mess! She also enjoys her water table and playing with her good pal Penny. I'm so glad we decided to get Penny while Abby was still young. I love the thought of them growing up together as best buds!

Joshua is doing fantastic! He is starting to coo and smile...what a joy! He now sleeps through the night. He doesn't sleep as long as Abby did, but we were really lucky getting her to sleep 12 hrs at only 5 weeks old! Joshua usually goes to bed around 9:30pm and wakes around 5am(ish) for a feeding. Not bad! At this point, I'll take whatever consecutive sleep I can get.

The video below was taken today. Joshua is showing such great movement in his legs, it makes us really hopeful for a great future of walking for him! Next week is our first physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments. We are also taking him for a renal ultrasound to see how his kidneys are doing. We are keeping our fingers crossed for great results!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Disneyland with Abigail!

With life finally back to normal (or our new definition of "normal")Doug and I decided it would be fun to purchase Disneyland Annual passes and have a fun activity to do on the weekends. A BIG Thank you to Disneyland for letting kids under three in for FREE because without that it would be near impossible.

Today we had a fun time with Abigail while sweet Joshua stayed at Grandma Kim's. This was Abby's second time at Dineylam (as she calls it) and she loved it. Her favorite ride was It's a Small World and her least favorite: Snow White. I don't get why they make those rides so dang scary. It was cute but sad to see her bury her little face in her daddy's shirt as we went through Snow Whites scary forest. Luckily, she soon forgot all about that scary experience thanks to Dumbo and Casey Jr's train. She "choo chooed" the entire time.

Her souvenir pick for this trip was a baby Minnie Mouse who has been sleeping since we got home. Abigail puts her pointer finger up to her mouth and whispers "shhh" so we know not to wake up sleeping Minnie.