Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surgery Update...

I should have posted this a week ago but with the upcoming Holiday we have been very busy. Joshua had his hernia surgery on December 10th and did fabulous! Surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, lasted an hour, and we were home by 11am. He had a very quick recovery and only required infants tylenol for pain management. We feel great having surgery #4 behind us. I would say "I hope this is the last one" but realistically, I know that is probably not true. But what I am glad about is how well he did and how wonderful his surgeons are.

Here are some photos from this surgery...

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And the update on Abigail is pretty exciting. We are working on potty training using a reward system. Abby is very aware that if she does potty in the toilet she gets a piece of special candy. We had a great day today and Abby went potty three times. It's hard when we have to go to work tomorrow, but we will pick back up where we left off on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

VCUG and updates

Yesterday, Joshua had a VCUG (video urodynamics) performed to see how his bladder and kidneys were functioning. A VCUG is a test where they place a catheter in his boy area and fill his bladder with fluid to see what happens and check the pressure. They monitor the bladder functions through x-ray and are able to see on a live screen what happens with the fluid. What we found out was what we expected to find...Joshua has kidney reflux which means that when his bladder gets full, the pressure is strong enough that some of his urine backs up the ureter and enters the kidney.

Kidney Reflux is scary because if the urine becomes infected (which is quite common since we cath him 4 times per day) then the infected urine can enter the kidney and cause a Kidney infection. The solution to this? For now, doctors are placing him on a prophylactic antibiotic to minimize his chance of getting an infection. He will take this antibiotic twice per day, every day until we are told otherwise.

We also found that because of the pressure in his bladder he has also developed trabeculation, which is thickening of the bladder wall. We have been told that with proper maintenance and pro activeness we may be able to reverse the damage. The plan is to start leaving a cath in over night so his bladder can drain for an extended period of time and will be relieved of pressure. We hope this work so we can avoid any other surgeries.

The last update is that Joshua will be undergoing another surgery tomorrow morning. This one is a story in itself. ...

A few weeks ago, Joshua became ill and developed a fever. We brought him home from the babysitters and notice he had some swelling to his boy area. We were instructed by his Urologist to take him immediately to the ER. (Joshua, please don't get mad at me later for putting this in the blog!) The ER doctors confirmed he had a Urinary Tract Infection and thru ultrasound identified the swelling as a result of a communicated hydrocele. A communicated hydrocele occurs when a pathway between the abdomen and scrotum is open instead of being closed as it should be and thus fluid from the abdomen enters the scrotum causing it to swell. The risk is that the intestines can travel down the opening and become twisted which can cause a bowel obstruction (not a good thing). So, rather than waiting for something serious to happen, the Urologist will do surgery tomorrow morning to repair the inguinal hernia and close the opening. This will be an outpatient procedure and we are hopeful that Joshua will recover quickly.

I should add that today is Joshua's 6 month Birthday and he is doing fabulous (even with the above urological issues). He is doing great in physical and occupational therapy and he is getting close to sitting up on his own. He can roll onto his sides, we feed him solids three times per day and he loves to EAT. He's even got a couple a teeth coming in on the bottom and hasn't put up a fuss. He can grab a toy and bring it to his mouth and he is quite a chatter box (like his mommy). We are just having a blast with our little man and can't wait to watch him develop more.

The photo below was taken today....

And here is one of his Daddy at the same age....

I believe the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" comes to play you can see, he doesn't really look like Daddy which means he MUST look like Mommy!! haha Finally- since Abby is Daddy's twin!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween and Back to work

Well, I haven't blogged in a while and for a very good reason. I am now a full time working mom of two children under three. Yes, that's right! November 1st marked the first day of my return to work. It was a hard first week, but now that two are behind me I feel that I am finally getting adjusted.

Lucky for me, the weekend before I returned to work I was able to have a special Halloween celebration with my little luvBUGS!

Abby was very excited to get a chance to wear makeup...

And Joshua was such a trooper in his warm bumble bee costume which he tolerated very well...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sea World mini-vacation

Two weekends ago we took a short but very sweet family trip to San Diego and took the kids to Sea World. We used priceline to find a great deal at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, which was walking distance to Seaport Village and only 10 minutes from Sea World.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Abby loved the penguin encounter....

Spina Bifida Clinic Visit #2

Last week was a busy one for little Joshua. He had physical and occupational therapy twice, a pediatricic appointment (with shots...ouch!) and his second Spina Bifida Clinic appointment. We were very happy to hear from Joshua's doctors just how great he is doing. His bladder and kidneys are in tip top shape (per the results from a Septembet Ultrasound) and we are to continue cathing him and giving him his medication as we have been. The ortho said that his calf and gluteal muscles are very weak, but this we already knew. The next step in his treatment will be a Video Urodynamic study in December which will test his bladder and kidney functions. We've heard this can be an uncomfortable procedure for children but our little Joshua is a trooper so I'm sure he'll do fine and smile through it!

As for his physical therapy, we are currently working on his head and neck control as well as rolling over. He is doing great and showing improvement with each visit!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A busy week ahead...

Monday (today): Pediatric appt. Our little nugget weighs almost 15 lbs and is 25 inches long. He is right on track with average for height and head circumference and is slightly below average for weight. Dr. Barghava says he is doing great and it is now time to start SOLIDS! Woohoo!

Tuesday: Physical therapy and Occupational therapy

Wednesday: Physical therapy

Thursday: Spina Bifida Clinic

We will post more updates following the other appts this week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dermoid Surgery

Today was Joshua's 3rd surgery, a removal of a Dermoid Skull Tumor. It is nice to have surgery #3 behind us. I wish I could say that this was his last surgery ever...but realistically speaking that is most likely untrue. However, I will say that this surgery was a piece of cake compared to his shunt surgery at 3 weeks old. Joshua did great and was discharged from CHOC at noon to go home. We've now been home for about 5 hrs and have had to give him only one dose of Tylenol. He took a long nap and woke up in a great mood (see photo below).

Now for the interesting part...

Dr. Muhonen had to drill pretty deep into Joshua's skull to remove the entire tumor. After he removed the tumor, he sliced it in half and what he found was a piece of hair about 10 inches long.....YUCK! This is typical with these types of tumors since inside are mature skin cells that can produce hair, teeth, and even nails! Joshua- I'm sorry if this revelation embarrasses you later on in life but yes! you did have a 10 inch long hair lodged inside a tumor above your left eyebrow.

Ok, sorry if that was too much information for some people but I thought it was pretty interesting.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A milestone for Joshua!

I'm so happy to see that my little boy is developing right on track with a "typical" baby. He is 3 mos old and starting to try to sit up on his own. He really enjoys the Bumbo and being propped up against pillows. He can hold himself up for a few seconds before tumbling over but I know that before we know it he'll be on his way. Next milestone.....solid foods (probably at 4 mos).

As for Ms. Abby, we have finally made the transition from the crib to the toddler bed. She loves it most of the time and definitely enjoys the freedom it provides. We have had some nights where it was near impossible to keep her in bed, but for the most part it has worked out okay. She sure looks cute, though, sleeping in her pink bed in her pink room.....I may have gone a little crazy with the pink but what the heck....she's my only girl!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A busy week...

This week has been extremely busy for our family.

On Tuesday, Joshua had his first Physical and Occupational Therapy evaluations. They went very well and as we expected Joshua will need PT and OT two or three times per week for the first couple years of his life. The PT is important so that he learns and reaches developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and eventually standing and walking. Because of Joshua's spina bifida, he has no feeling in his ankles and feet and very little calf muscle strength. The PT should help him develop more strength in that area. I'm not quite sure yet what the purpose of the OT is at this time.

On Wednesday, Joshua had an appointment with his neurosurgeon, Dr. Muhonen. His appointment was originally scheduled for the 15th of September to check on his shunt however about a month ago we noticed a small bump that had developed above Joshua's left eyebrow and when it didn't go away we thought it was important to get him seen as soon as possible. The doctor took one look at the bump and new immediately what it was. Joshua has a Dermoid Skull Tumor above his left eyebrow which is basically a collection of mature tissue cells that are growing on his skull and under his skin. The doctor assured us that this is fairly common in infants, completely UNRELATED to Spina Bifida, and NOT something to be concerned with. Joshua will have surgery on September 17th at CHOC Hospital to remove the tumor and should go home the very same day. There is a small chance that Joshua could have others that just aren't big enough to see at this time, but we will just keep an eye on him and if another develops we will tackle it at that time. On a more positive note, Joshua's doctor is very pleased with how his shunt is holding up... great news for us!

Today (Thursday), Joshua had a Renal Ultrasound (kidneys and bladder) to check for hydronephrosis which is stretching of the kidneys caused by urine backup. This is something that can occur in children with spina bifida and is part of the reason we are cathing Joshua. By cathing him four times per day, it empties his bladder and prevents old urine from traveling into the kidneys and causing damage. We will get the results sometime tomorrow and it is likely that Joshua will continue to have these monitoring ultrasounds on a fairly regular basis throughout his life.

Well, that's it for now. We will update our blog with news of Joshua's surgery and of course we are expecting nothing but a great outcome.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Abby's sweet "terrible" twos

Abby is great at helping out when needed. I can ask her to get Joshua a blanket or pacifier and she is happy to run the errand. But, seeing as how this blog also serves as a sort of baby book for the two little ones in our life, I feel it is also important to comment on the "terrible-two" things she she can look back later on and laugh (or apologize).

Terrible two item #1: At least once a day she likes to help out by giving the dogs their food. Now if I'm not watching carefully she will get into the dog food and poor it into their water dish. I think she feels it will be enjoyed more if soggy.

Terrible two item #2: She also likes to get into her adjoining bathroom and play with the toilet paper (down the toilet). I caught her this morning using the toilet cleaning brush on the bathroom sink (yuck).

Terrible two item #3: We recently ordered a sparkletts water dispenser and Abby quickly learned how to work the water valve. She likes to fill up her toy tea cups and drink from them, or poor the water onto her bedroom floor. I walked into the dining area one afternoon to find the area near our table flooded.

Terrible two item #4: She LOVES getting into my makeup and using our toothbrushes. Sometimes she likes to clean with them.

Terrible two item #5: Abby enjoys taking a drink from her sippy cup and spitting the contents back out onto the floor or into a nearby cup.

A photo of terrible two item #4

More still to come.....this little girl sure does keep life interesting. We couldn't imagine life without her and Joshua!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cathing update

I just realized I never updated the blog with our cathing experiencing. I am pleased to say that Doug and I are cathing pros at this point. We cath Joshua 4 times per day with ease. It is definitely something that has grown on us and now defines our new "normal".

Joshua is taking amoxicillin twice per day as a preventative measure to ensure he does not develop a UTI (urinary tract infection). He also takes a medication called Ditropan which relaxes his bladder muscle so it doesn't contract. The Ditropan probably aids in our success with getting him to sleep well since it makes him pretty drowsy. All in all, cathing isn't half as bad as we thought it would be.


Abby loves being outdoors during the day so we are so lucky to now have a backyard! One of her favorite outdoor activities is to play with the dirt in our palms. What a mess! She also enjoys her water table and playing with her good pal Penny. I'm so glad we decided to get Penny while Abby was still young. I love the thought of them growing up together as best buds!

Joshua is doing fantastic! He is starting to coo and smile...what a joy! He now sleeps through the night. He doesn't sleep as long as Abby did, but we were really lucky getting her to sleep 12 hrs at only 5 weeks old! Joshua usually goes to bed around 9:30pm and wakes around 5am(ish) for a feeding. Not bad! At this point, I'll take whatever consecutive sleep I can get.

The video below was taken today. Joshua is showing such great movement in his legs, it makes us really hopeful for a great future of walking for him! Next week is our first physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments. We are also taking him for a renal ultrasound to see how his kidneys are doing. We are keeping our fingers crossed for great results!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Disneyland with Abigail!

With life finally back to normal (or our new definition of "normal")Doug and I decided it would be fun to purchase Disneyland Annual passes and have a fun activity to do on the weekends. A BIG Thank you to Disneyland for letting kids under three in for FREE because without that it would be near impossible.

Today we had a fun time with Abigail while sweet Joshua stayed at Grandma Kim's. This was Abby's second time at Dineylam (as she calls it) and she loved it. Her favorite ride was It's a Small World and her least favorite: Snow White. I don't get why they make those rides so dang scary. It was cute but sad to see her bury her little face in her daddy's shirt as we went through Snow Whites scary forest. Luckily, she soon forgot all about that scary experience thanks to Dumbo and Casey Jr's train. She "choo chooed" the entire time.

Her souvenir pick for this trip was a baby Minnie Mouse who has been sleeping since we got home. Abigail puts her pointer finger up to her mouth and whispers "shhh" so we know not to wake up sleeping Minnie.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life back to normal!

Doug and I are happy to report that life is finally getting back to normal. Joshua is doing excellent and his shunt is functioning as it should. We had a recent checkup with his neurosurgeon last week and he was extremely pleased with Joshua's progress.

Now, we are learning to live life as a family of four which can be quite busy at times. Abby loves her little brother and is always so eager to help out when she can. She doesn't seem to understand why Joshua doesn't constantly have a pacifier in his mouth like she does (a habit that has been hard to break) and as a result is often seen trying to shove one in. We are so happy that she has adjusted so well to having a baby brother.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well, Doug and I have begun our cathing journey today and it is NOT easy. So far I have not been successful in my attempts but I say this with the hopes that another post one week (or maybe two) from now will read differently. In looking back I'll be able to say "well that wasn't so bad" and realize that when other challenges come along we will be able to overcome them as well. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Friday, July 9, 2010

First Spina Bifida Clinic visit

My mom and I took Joshua to his first Spina Bifida clinic appointment yesterday. Doug wanted to be there but we thought it was important for him to work considering he had been off for three weeks while Joshua was undergoing his two surgeries and back for only two days. It was a LONG day so I was lucky to have my mom there to help.

The Spina Bifida Clinic is the greatest thing for parents of children with Spina Bifida. A person with Spina Bifida has a lifelong relationship with many specialists including a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, urologist, social worker, and dietician. Imagine having to make appts separately with each one of these specialists about every three months. Life would be crazy (or crazier). The clinic is great because you have one appt (that lasts all day) and get to see all these specialists back to back.

Well, yesterday we met with those specialists and got an earful of great information and an idea of how Joshua's next yr will be. The new updates are as follows: 1) Joshua's shunt seems to be working well but the neurosurgeon is going to check again in two weeks, 2) Joshua's feet ARE NOT clubbed and do not need to be casted. Ortho thinks they should resolve on their own if and when his calf muscle develops, 3) Joshua WILL walk! (with some sort of leg brace), 4) We will begin cathing him next week (4 times per day). This is a preventative measure to ensure that he doesn't damage his bladder or kidneys, 5) We will also give him a medication 3 times per day to protect his bladder, and 6) He will begin physical therapy soon once per month at first and then at 6 mos old it will be about 2 times per week to learn important skills (sitting up, rolling over, crawling).

All and all this was a great appt and a great chance to access how Joshua is doing. He seems to be doing much better than we expected and we are so thankful for that.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Joshua's shunt experience

Doug and I have had a busy and traumatizing last few days with Joshua. For the sake of the blog I should try to avoid sounding too negative, however I'd really be lying if I said that there was anything about the last few days that was easy. It has been, by far, the hardest part of our entire experience, to date, with our new son.

His surgery went really well according to the neurosurgeon but his recovery has been a struggle since he has been in a significant amount of pain. We were expecting to take him home on Friday but instead kept him at the hospital until Saturday. This turned out to be a smart decision for us as Doug and I spent the entire time at his bedside doing everything we could think of to make him feel better. Having him home now is nice, but we are still dealing with a very uncomfortable little boy. We are doing our best by giving him Tylenol around the clock and trying to comfort him in every way possible but it seems that time will be the only solution.

These are photos of Joshua immediately following surgery...

...and a photo of his shunt. You can still see the tubing under his skin, however as he gets older and gets more hair this should become less visible.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shunt surgery is scheduled

Doug and I took Joshua to his neurosurgery appt this morning. The doctor examined him and did another ultrasound and felt that at this time we need to move forward with shunt surgery. The doctor showed us how Joshua's ventricles have increased significantly in the last 5 days and at that rate it would not be safe to continue waiting. We will take Joshua to Children's Hospital of Orange County tomorrow morning at 6 am for a 7:30 am surgery. The doctor says Joshua will spend one night at the hospital and should come home on Friday afternoon. Now, we just pray for a successful and safe operation and a quick recovery.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Joshua at home!

Joshua has been adjusting well to being at home. He has settled into a pretty nice routine. He eats about three times during the night and sleeps in between in his bassinet. During the day we keep him in the living room with us and he really enjoys being in his bouncer and swing. He does a good job at dealing with all the chaos around him. Between Abby screaming and the dogs barking I am surprised at the amount of napping he gets in, yet somehow he manages.

Big sister Abby is getting bigger by the minute. She now has a fully loaded vocabulary that includes phrases such as "thank you", "love you daddy/mommy", and "hi baby". She loves to sing and read books and she has been showing interest in potty training. She certainly helps taking care of her brother and understands the importance of always having a pacifier nearby (since she still is attached to hers).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Joshua's homecoming!

Our sweet little boy was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday after Doug and I consulted with the neurosurgeon and decided to not go forward with the shunt surgery. We met with the neurosurgeon at CHOC on Friday morning and he did another Ultrasound of Joshua's head. It appears the ventricles are continuing to grow which means Joshua's hydrocephalus is increasing. He is going to see Joshua again in 5 days and do another scan, but at this point he is giving us a 50/50 chance that Joshua will still need a shunt. We expected this to be the case and yet still feel confident in our decision to wait on the surgery. Waiting allows Joshua to get bigger and stronger in order to undergo another procedure.

As for Joshua, despite his hydro, he is doing great at home. He is eating well, sleeping okay and awake for a good portion during the day. Big sister Abby loves HER baby and kisses him constantly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To shunt or not to shunt?

Well this week has been another roller coaster of events. On Monday morning Joshua had a second ultrasound of his brain (this first was taken the morning before his back surgery). The ultrasound showed positive findings that his blood clot has begun breaking up and resolving, however it also revealed that his left ventricle in his brain had increased in size due to the hydrocephalus. The neurosurgeon recommended shunt surgery and scheduled it for tomorrow morning (Wednesday).

Doug and I agreed to the surgery at first but then decided that a second opinion would be great considering the seriousness and permanency of a shunt. We met with the board-certified pediatric neurosurgeon for CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) today and after reviewing all of Joshia's diagnostic films he recommended that we hold off on shunt surgery and monitor by way of Ultrasound for a couple months since Joshua's hydrocephalus is not causing him any problems at this time and is minimal. He explained that babies are able to handle a certain degree of expansion of their ventricle without it causing them any harm. We will have Joshua's hydro monitored and see if his body corrects itself over the next couple months. Obviously, if his ventricles continue to increase then a shunt may be needed, but it is possible that they could decrease on their own and that a shunt may not be needed.

As a result of this new decision, the doctors at Miller Children's Hospital have informed us that Joshua will be discharged tomorrow morning. We are thrilled and can't wait to bring our son home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend #2 in the books

We had a couple good visits with Joshua this weekend. He was moved to a super duper area in Miller's called the Pavilion. It is located in the new wing which was remodeled in 2008, so everything is brand new and provides a lot more space for us during our visits.

The reason why Joshua was moved is a story of its own. Thursday night, Tawny received a call from a case worker that a nurse working a shift in Joshua's NICU room had been exposed to chicken pox and they needed to (as a precaution) administer an antibiotic and isolate exposed infants for 3 1/2 weeks. The way she said it at first made us think a 3 1/2 week stay would be required - that freaked us out, but she clarified her point that any ongoing plans to be discharged were still possible, regardless of the exposure. Long story short, we are glad to be in the Pavilion and were definitely caught by surprise hearing about the chicken pox. Just another incident of needing to roll with the punches and try to stay positive during our first experiences with Joshua.

Monday figures to be a pivotal day. Joshua will have a brain ultrasound performed in the morning, where later our pediatric neurosurgeon will determine whether he wants to insert a shunt during this hospital stay or later. If he doesn't decide to install a shunt now, we are optimistic that Joshua could be discharged by Tuesday :). If the shunt surgery is to be performed now, then it would need to be scheduled and we would probably have a 2-3 day recovery time following. Our feelings are mixed; we want Joshua home ASAP, but obviously want him home safely and not be concerned about the possibility of an emergency shunt surgery because it wasn't installed during this stay. On the other hand, if it's genuinely not needed right away, then we'd love him here with us at home and diligently cross this bridge when necessary.

As it has been the case and will continue to be so, we pray that the various medical experts we so desperately rely on, are graced with the clarity of mind and soundness of judgment to provide us with their best work possible as our journey with Joshua starts its second full week.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A better day

Today we had a chance to speak with the neurosurgeon after he reviewed the second MRI results. Dr. Javahery gave us the good news that they did not see a tumor in the scan. The baby still has a blood clot, but at this time we do not know what has caused it to occur. We are not in the clear yet because a tumor could appear as the baby grows older (maybe it just isn't visible yet), however it is very good that they are not seeing one at this time. They will re-scan in a couple months to see if anything shows up. If it doesn't then this may just be a rare occurrence where a blood clot occurs but dr's are unable to identify why. We hope that is the case.

Today's news has certainly brought a sense of relief to Doug and me. We've prayed long and hard the last couple nights for God to protect and heal our little boy and it appears today that he did just that.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doug and I had a chance to meet with the neurosurgeon again today and he told us he plans on doing the shunt surgery on Monday. He thinks there is a good chance we can take Joshua home within a day or two following surgery. This gives us something great to look forward to next week.

As for the tumor issue, we are still waiting on more information. The second MRI with contrast was taken today and we should know more tomorrow after we get a chance to speak to the surgeon. We are full of hope and prayers tonight that the MRI brings good news, not bad. Unfortunately, Dr Javahery has asked us to prepare for the possibility of not knowing one way or the other since the tumor (if there) may be hard to see due to the blood clot.

Regardless of all that is going on, Doug and I feel so so so very blessed to have two beautiful children. Abigail was a terrific beginning to our story and Joshua completes it. We love him and we know God will protect him through this journey.

The photos below were taken today....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sad Day

We got a call from a neurosurgeon this evening confirming that Joshua does have hydrocephalus and will definitely need a shunt. This we expected, as it is usually experienced with spina bifida. The doctor hasn't decided yet when the shunt surgery will take place. It may be during this hospital stay or it may be in a couple months when Joshua is stronger.

The blood clot issue has me feeling very defeated at this moment in time. MRI scan came back and doctor is concerned that it is not a "conventional blood clot" seen in infants. He has concerns and thinks it may be caused by a brain tumor. He ordered a second MRI with contrast to help get a clearer image of the area and see if we can tell at this point if it is a brain tumor. If the MRI comes back positive Joshua will require surgery but the doctor will wait until he is a few months older and stronger to undergo that type of procedure.

I feel broken down inside and so sad for my sweet little boy who has only been in this world such a short while and is already facing so many challenges.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Joshua's MRI day

Doug and I left the hospital yesterday and it was great to be home last night and see Abigail. She is so excited about her baby brother and recognizes him in pictures. We went back to the hospital today and spent the day at Joshua's bedside.

Joshua had a blood transfusion today due to having a very low red blood cell count (severely anemic). We were very fortunate to have had a great turnout of family members who donated blood on Friday so that we didn't have to rely on the public blood bank. Tonight he is having an MRI to get more info on the frontal lobe blood clot. We are hoping and praying for good news tomorrow. The MRI will also tell if he has developed hydrocephalus and will require shunt surgery.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today was a good day for Joshua. He was moved into a "less critical care" NICU and was able to begin feeding. He isn't quite getting it yet but I'm sure with more time he will become a pro! We were able to hold him each time we visited and he enjoyed every moment. As you can see from the photos above, his bandages were taken off of his surgery site for the next stage in the healing process. It is quite a scar that little boy is going to have and I'm sure later on in life he'll find some cool story to tell the girls like he was bitten by a shark while surfing off the coast of Australia. Mom and Dad will go along with it if it makes him happy =)

A new day!

My precious little baby has finally come off of the ventilator that was breathing for him. This is great news and means he is one step closer to eating and being held. He is still pretty sleepy but the nurses told me that he did open his eyes at one point during the night. Today he should get a visit from the urologist to access his bladder functioning. We are still waiting to know more about the brain mass in his frontal lobes. CT scan confirmed its location and that it appears to be blood but dr's have ordered an MRI to for more confirmation. If it is blood then it should observe back into the body (we hope!).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Joshua's Update

Our precious baby is still in recovery and still heavily sedated. Latest update is the Ultrasound revealed a blood clot in the frontal lobe of his brain. We don't know how serious this is at this time and are waiting for the neurosurgeon to come talk with us. The neonatalogist informed us that in some cases it will go away on it's own and just needs to be observed and in other cases they can go in and remove it. We should know more by the end of the day. We are, of course, hoping it's a minor thing with no long lasting effects. Joshua is being very strong through all of this, his vitals are still great, he's still intubated but they are weaning him off slowly.

Joshua after surgery